It's Time to think about air conditioning and fire safety

At Hardmonds Engineering  we work hard to keep our customers comfortable with our HVAC services and safe with our fire prevention services all year round.

Air Conditioning

We provide advice and guidance on every aspect of your air conditioning from initial equipment selection, supply and on-site installation, right through to the whole-life maintenance of the system as well as any upgrades or repairs which may become necessary in the future. We’re passionate about providing our customers with highly energy-efficient and reliable air conditioning. That’s why our systems deliver significant energy savings while reducing your carbon footprint and providing building occupants with a comfortable and cool environment.

Split Air Conditioning

VRF Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning

They have an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit by copper pipes and wiring. The indoor unit is either wall mounted, under ceiling mounted or is a floor standing model. Each indoor unit has electronic controls, a heat exchanger and a fan that circulates either warm or cool air. They transform quickly and easily from an air conditioner to an effective heater, with nothing more than the push of a button.

A typical VRF (also known as Variable Refrigerant Flow) or VRV (also known as Variable Refrigerant Volume) System consists of a single Outdoor Condensing Unit (comprising of one or multiple compressors) with multiple variety of Indoor Units serving various zones, refrigerant piping and controls. Modern VRF Systems provide some major advantages: Consistent comfort and quiet operation.

Warm even heat during winter and clean cool air during Summer – its the perfect solution for year round temperature control. It can be installed in a new home or tailored to suit an existing one. With a Ducted Air Conditioning System, you have the benefit of a wide range of options designed to fit your lifestyle. Only the controller, return air and discharge grilles are visible inside your home.


Whatever the size of your business and its specific requirements, we can help you find the ideal refrigeration unit for your needs. We supply, install and maintain commercial fridge units from the leading manufacturers, and work hard to ensure our customers receive the most competitive prices. Our refrigeration engineers work on everything from small retail display units to the largest capacity refrigeration systems, including commercial and industrial fridges and freezers, cold rooms, mortuary equipment and specialised refrigeration facilities.


Freezer room

Chest freezers

 Cold room, as generic as the name may sound, refers to a specially built room, chamber or an enclosure that is well-insulated or lagged so as to prevent direct thermal flow out of the room. Cold room operates at a temperature ranging from -2C°and 5C°.

Blast freezers hold temperatures between minus 28 degree down to a chilly minus 40 degree. As a result, the ice crystals that form in the process are small, causing less damage to the products. This captures the products freshness and nutritional value.

Chest type freezer is the most affordable refrigerator. Essentially, every inch of chest freezer is available storage space. Thanks to its built-in and effective side wall insulation, most chest freezer cabinets maintain their freezing temperature well. 

Mechanical Ventilation

Enjoy fresh air, comfortable temperatures and banish mould and bad odours with mechanical ventilation systems from Hardmonds Engineering. These systems have many applications in homes and commercial or industrial buildings, whether you’re keeping your home cool and dry in the summer or ventilating a kitchen, garage, bathroom or car park. Our technicians install all types of mechanical ventilation in Zimbabwe. 

Fire Prevention Services

When it comes to fire protection and safety, businesses of all sizes have depended on Hardmonds Engineering. We realize a business is much more than just a building. It is strong ideas, hardworking people, and a drive for excellence resulting in outstanding products & services. It is these vital things that push us to work harder every day to ensure that the businesses we protect receive the finest service, products, and maintenance to keep them going strong. 

Hose reels

Sprinkler system